Arrow Appraisal Review and Management is an appraiser owned and operated service oriented company based in Texas dedicated to providing top quality residential appraisal management services along with USPAP compliant appraisal reviews. We strive to provide you with personal service you normally would not receive from one of the larger nationwide appraisal management companies.

AARM was established as a third party AMC service that acts as an intermediary between local banks and community credit unions who want to ensure compliance at all times. We handle the entire appraisal process including: vetting the appraisers, managing the appraiser panel, handling the bid process on complex residential properties, engaging the appraisers and performing a quality, technical residential appraisal review.

AARM also offers review only services. Experienced residential appraisers will perform a review of the appraisal for Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, compliance with USPAP, applicable state laws, the specific requirements or instructions that are required by an institution’s appraisal policy, obvious errors, and any other special order instructions. Should something be unclear, need correction, or something pertinent has been left out, we will contact the appraiser and make a request for corrections or revisions.


Our staff is competent and knowledgeable with years of experience in the real estate industry and is available to help with any problems that may arise during the course of the order.  We have Texas State Certified appraisers throughout the state.